Q. Do I need to use a code or special software to access OER?


Users have the right to adapt OER into any format they wish. As a result, OER are not tied to a particular type of device or software. This gives students and instructors freedom in what technology they purchase and how they interact with the resource. OER can be hosted on a Canvas course site, accessed via the publisher-provided online version, or downloaded as a pdf. If the resource is not interactive or web-based, there is always the option to print.

NOTE: There are some commercial publishers and providers offering "OER Courseware" that is not free to access and requires a fee or access code to use. These are not actually OER, but are commercial resources created to "add onto" or support open content that is free to access online. In some cases, these resources are relatively affordable and give back to those who created the original resource, but we recommend that you reach out to our staff before agreeing to purchase any of these resources for your students. 

  • updated: Jun 14, 2020
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  • Answered By Jennifer Beamer

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