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If you are affiliated with The Claremont Colleges, you can use the ArcGIS Online license administered by the library. Options for using ArcGIS include:

  1. You can create and use an ArcGIS Online account through your web browser on any computer. You can create an account using your college credentials following these instructions
  2. There are several GIS labs at The Claremont Colleges that you may have access to depending on your college affiliation that have desktop versions of ArcGIS (ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro). Your campus IT department will have the most up-to-date information about which tools are available to you

  3. You can also download ArcGIS Pro onto your own computer if you have a Windows OS and sufficient memory and hard drive space. More information is available on the library GIS guide. 

Visit our GIS Services at the Library guide to learn more about creating an online account or finding on-campus access to ArcGIS.

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