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To check if you have access to a specific newspaper from a specific year, do a known item search in Library Search. First, enter the title of the newspaper into the Library Search bar (the large search bar in the center of the library homepage) and select "Title" from the drop down list next to the search bar to search it as a title. Next click enter or search. 

After the search results populate, investigate each item entry to see which years you have access to. If the item says, "Held by the Claremont Colleges", click it and scroll down to the "Check Availability" heading. Under this heading, it will display which years are available and which databases they are located in. Click "View Online" to view the newspaper in your browser. 

If the item entry says, "Held by other libraries worldwide", this indicates that the item is not a part of our collections. However, you can place a request via Resource Sharing to see if they can get the item for you. For additional information and instructions for placing a Resource Sharing request, please see our FAQ: Where do I make a Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan Request? Please specify what specific issues you are interested in in your request. 

You can also access newspapers and newspapers from our Databases page. To get to the Databases page, click "Databases" under Library Search. After you arrive at the Databases page, select "Newspapers and News Sources" from the Format drop down list at the top of the page. From here, you can browse for databases that contain newspapers and news sources. You can look for names and descriptions relevant to the title you are looking for. To open the database, click the title of the database and it will open in a new window. You can search for the newspaper you are looking for there. 

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