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The Claremont Colleges Library has access to the current New York Times (1980 to present) and historical New York Times (1851- 2012) which are found in the library databases by filtering with All Formats > Newspapers and News Sources.

Library newspaper databases provide access to the current and historical print version of the publication. Current issues appear in plain text format, while older articles are PDF scans of the print version. These databases are primarily text-based so you may not see photographs, blogs, charts, advertisements like you would from the newspaper website.

Helpful Tips & Tricks for finding newspaper articles:

  • If you find an article on the NY Times website but don't have full text access to it, you can search by the title in the current New York Times (1980 to present) database.
  • Some articles are online only. If you haven't already found the article of interest, try searching New York Times (Online), which includes most of the text-based information published on
  • If you don't find the article in the Library's database by searching for the title or author, try browsing through issues by the publication date. 
  • Sometimes article titles (and publication dates) will change between the print version of the paper and web version (or vice versa),

The Library does not currently provide access to a subscription to However, several of the 7Cs offer subscriptions to their students. Please contact your campus IT department for more information.

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