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If you have a legally purchased DVD (your personal property or checked out from the Library), you can play the DVD on your computer and share your screen via Zoom. This is an option to consider if/when the Library cannot obtain a streaming license for a film (due to it not being available or because of budget constraints). 

Screening a DVD over Zoom falls within copyright Fair Use under the following conditions:

  1. Don't record the session
  2. Only allow registered students in the course to access the Zoom session. Distribute the link via Sakai/Canvas for example, not on your openly accessible course website.
  3. Use only the portion necessary to support your pedagogy (i.e., don't show the whole film unless it is essential to the lesson/course).
  4. Instructor commentary and lecture during the course of the video will greatly increases the fair use defense of this activity.

The library has several DVD-RW drives you can request for pickup or mailing to attach to your laptop or computer if you do not have a built-in DVD Player

Technical advice for sharing your screen in Zoom to show a DVD:

  • You need to enable sharing for sound as well.
    • Click the Share Screen button at the bottom of your Zoom screen.
    • Check the Share Computer Sound and Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip in the share screen pop up window.
    • Make sure your volume is an appropriate level.
  • Select the screen showing your video clip so that others can see the content.

FYI: While DVDs will work for screen sharing, most streaming services--Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.--are often set up to detect screen-sharing software and will automatically disable that ability.

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