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If the Internet Archive owns more than one copy of a book you will be able to check it out and download it for up to 14 days. 

To determine if downloading is available you first need to check to see if a book can be checked out for 14 days. If you only see a 1 hour borrowing option that means Internet Archive only has one copy and downloading will not be available. 

1) In order to download, you first need to create a free Internet Archive Account

2) Once you are logged in, choose the "Borrow for 14 days" option from the drop down menu. 

3) Once you have borrowed the e-book you'll see the button turns red and says "Return It". You should also see a Download option, with a down arrow that says: "PDF/epub" (yellow arrow): 

4) Click on the PDF/ePub button and you'll see the pop up window below. You will need to download (also free) Adobe Digital Editions as well to read this e-book. If you have used an e-book from one of the library's other platforms you may have already downloaded this software

5) Once you have installed Adobe Digital Editions you can select one of the two download options, PDF or ePub. 

FYI: A lot of e-book providers rely on Adobe Digital Editions because it allows the file to expire on your computer.  This means Internet Archive e-books will be automatically "returned" (i.e., removed from your computer) after two weeks. 

If you choose not to download an e-book (or in some cases it may not available), but are having trouble viewing the text of an Internet Archive e-books you can use the zoom in magnifying glass feature to zoom in to the text and also the fullscreen view to maximize the area you can use to view the text:

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