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CGU Dissertation Requirements are available here via the registrar’s office.

KGI Students may deposit a copy of their dissertation in Scholarship@Claremont (S@C) our open-access repository maintained by The Claremont Colleges Library.  Please check with your specific program or registrar’s office to see if you are required to submit to S@C.

As the student author of your dissertation you must upload and deposit your own dissertation in S@C yourself. You can do that at the Scholarship@Claremont page.  Authors retain copyright for all content contributed to S@C. Submitting your dissertation to the S@C repository does not transfer your copyright; it only grants the Library a non-exclusive license to distribute and preserve the document. This means that you give the library the right to display your work as part of S@C, but that won’t stop you from sharing it or disseminating it or adapting it as you see fit.

As a scholar it is also your responsibility to do a Fair Use Analysis before uploading your work, especially if you use content that is protected by copyright (e.g. images, graphs/charts, interviews, videos, music, etc.).

As a graduate student you may select one of two options for others to access to your dissertation;

1. Open Access (OA) which is unrestricted online access to your work for anyone, anywhere in the world to view, download, and cite, at no cost.

2. Campus Access Only Restricts access to the IP range of the Claremont Colleges, requiring a login to access. Only current students, faculty and staff will have access. All others will only be able to see a brief record describing your work.

For more information on depositing your dissertation, access types, copyright and fair use, you can watch this video or contact your subject librarian for more information. Embargo’s require contacting your registrar’s office and then contacting your subject librarian.

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