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For library resources, a good practice is to post the “permalink” for each article or eBook in Sakai or Canvas. A “permalink” is a permanent link to a library resource, meaning that it is a stable access point. Using a permalink also helps the Library understand the usage of its resources and gives an author credit for their work.

Watch this video to learn more, or follow the steps below.



Finding links to eBooks or Articles

URLs to public web pages are easily integrated with limited concerns over their persistence. However, for library resources, like eBooks or journal articles, the URLs are temporary because users need to sign in to get access, therefore we suggest you use permalinks for linking to any library resource.

If you are in the Library’s Search, you can link to the record and students can get access to the electronic material from within the catalog. You can find the link, by first clicking "Share" at the top of the record, and then selecting "Copy Link" from the pop-up. 

Library catalog record's Share menu with "Copy Link" button highlighted

Outside the Library’s catalog, you can also look for a permalink on the resource’s webpage. You might notice that these links go by various names and are found in different places, depending on the publisher’s website. Look for terms like "Share Link to Book," "Permalink," or "Persistent Link." If you don’t see a link, sometimes clicking on “Cite” will give you a permanent link.

Once you find the link on the publisher’s webpage, you should note that it should include “ccl” somewhere within the address. Here is an example:

If there isn’t “ccl” you can add our proxy server prefix to the beginning of the permalink:

Please note: this prefix will only work with resources with which The Claremont Colleges Library subscribes.


How do I add a link to the Sakai Resources Tool?

You can add a link to an online resource by creating a link in your Resources Folder. To do this:

  • Go to your Resources Tool
  • In the appropriate Actions button (depending on which folder you want the link to appear in), click on the "Add Web Links (URLs)" link
  • Paste the link and specify the Resource Name, which is how the link will appear in the Resources list
  • Click the "Add Web Links Now" button

How do I add a Library Permalink to Canvas?

In Canvas, you can add persistent links anywhere you can create an external link including in Pages, Assignments, Discussion Boards, Announcements, etc. To create a link, open the tool where you want to create the link and choose to edit it.

1. Type the title of the resource (article, database, eBook, streaming video...) you want to link to.

creating links in canvas step 1

2. Highlight the title and click on the Link icon.

creating links in canvas step 2

3. Enter the persistent link into the box that pops up and click on Insert Link.

4. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

creating links in canvas step 4

5. The link should now be active! When you click on it, it should pop open.

creating links in canvas step 5



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