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The Library has e-books from popular presses available through The Internet’s Archive Open Library.  As with all other books and e-books , you can find these via Library Search or by connecting to The Open Library directly.

The Open Library has over 1.4 million e-books that are both in-copyright and out-of-copyright. There are all kinds of books, from historic volumes to modern literature and non-fiction. For more recent books that are still in copyright, you will need to create and sign in with a free account to access and read the books. You will be given a due date, as you would with a print book from a library. This is how the Internet Archive complies with copyright restrictions.  

You can also download e-books for offline reading by using a free program called Adobe Digital Editions (which is also required for offline reading of many other e-books the library offers from other providers).

For out-of-copyright e-books, you can download them as regular PDFs; you do not need any special software, nor will you be required to sign-in. 

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