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Some of Claremont Colleges and specific academic programs and departments require the deposit of a Senior Undergraduate Thesis in the library's institutional respository, Scholarship@Claremont. However, for most programs depositing a thesis is optional. 

If you are looking for undergraduate senior theses produced by baccalaureate students of The Claremont Colleges, including Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, Pomona Colleges and Scripps College, please go to Scholarship@Claremont, and search using the author or title of the thesis. You can also browse by school, discipline or author.

Please note that the library does not collect or archive print copies of undergraduate senior theses and is unable to provide access to the general public for any restricted works that have been limited to faculty, students and staff at the request of the author or program.

If you're unable to find the thesis in which you are searching, please contact the academic department directly at the college which issued the work. You may find departmental contact information by searching for the college and department in your search engine.

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