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Peer-review (also called refereed) refers to a process some journal articles undergo before they are published.

  • Before a research article is accepted by a journal, it is sent to reviewers to determine if it should be accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.
  • The reviewers are chosen because of their expertise in a subject area or field.
  • This process helps to ensure that articles published in the journal are of high(er) quality.

But, keep in mind that not all articles published in peer reviewed publications are peer reviewed. 

  • News items, letters to the editor, and review articles are not peer reviewed, even if they are in peer reviewed publications
  • The articles that have original research and use evidence (sources or actual research results), are the ones that go through peer review. 

Many databases allow you to limit results to peer-reviewed journals.

If you have a question about identifying peer reviewed articles, you can make an appointment with a librarian

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