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To look up an article by title:

1. Start from the library's website.

2. Type the title of the article you are searching for in quotation marks into the main search box. To do a more precise search you can also select "Title" from the "As" drop-down menu:

3. If we own or have access to the article you should see it high up in your results. You can either click on the title to see more information about it or click the "View Full Text" button to access the article online. 

4. If we didn't own the article you won't see availability options on the results page. Click on the title to get into the record. Under the "Availability" section, you should see a "Get this Item" button. This button will bring you to a Resource Sharing form that lets you request items we don't own from other libraries.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of looking up items by title in our Library Search.


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